Who we are

Blue Heron Farm is a small scale, humane and thoughtful goat dairy, owned and operated by Christian and Lisa Seger, two city-kids turned farmers. The farm is located on 10.5 acres in Field Store, TX, about 45 miles northwest of Houston.

Our Mission

In 2006, we started Blue Heron Farm in part to show that it was possible to run a profitable farm while treating the land, the animals and the people involved with dignity and respect. We were young and naive - but it turned out we were right. It IS possible.

We manage our land using sustainable agricultural principles - no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. We use rotational grazing to encourage better fertility, water usage and carbon sequestration as we rehabilitate the 10.5 acres we call ours.

Our herd of Nubian goats are pastured, but with regular access to dry, safe shelter. Same goes for all of the other animals we raise - hogs and poultry, specifically. Our animals are managed using Animal Welfare Approved standards as a basis for most decisions. They are our family and their long term well being drives every decision made on the farm

We believe in transparency, and offer regular tours of the farm to allow our customers to connect with their food and verify our practices. We invite you to become a part of our Blue Heron Farm family.