2020 kids available now

Email us for pricing/details.

All kids sold as bottle babies with bottle feeding instructions and 24-hour support.

Meet the girls

After 12 years of raising exclusively Nubian goats, we welcomed a couple new breeds when we combined our farm with that of our friend and goat mentor, D'Ann Binder at Fairwoods Farm. We run the herds together now, at Blue Heron Farm, but our own goats are still just Nubians, as you will see in the slideshow below. But if you come for a tour, be prepared to see LaManchas (the funny earless goats) and a couple Saanens, as well.

Our goats are pastured, which means they live on and eat grass. Our land is never treated with chemicals, fungicides, herbicides or pesticides. The girls are given supplemental grain feed on the milk stand. Because of our personal feelings about GM crops, we feed a custom-formulated, corn and soy free, GMO-free mix.

You will see more goats here than we actually milk. At Blue Heron Farm, we have a policy to let goats retire after their tenth year and live out their days with zero expectations. It just seems fair.