Meet the girls

On our farm we raise and milk only one breed of goat: The Nubian. Nubians are known for their quirky personalities and exceptional milk quality. Unlike many of the other dairy breeds, their milk does not have the "musky" flavor that goat milk is often known for. Nubians, as a rule, do not give as much milk as the other dairy breeds, but the superior quality of what they do give, makes them worth it.

Our goats are pastured, which means they live on and eat grass. Our land is never treated with chemicals, fungicides, herbicides or pesticides. The girls are given supplemental grain feed on the milk stand. Because of our personal feelings about GM crops, we feed a custom-formulated, corn and soy free, GMO-free mix.

Our goats are bred and kid in the natural season; we never use artificial hormones or light manipulation to force out of season milk. OK. Enough chit-chat...let's meet the girls.