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blue heron farm & friends cajeta

Cajeta is a Mexican goat milk caramel. It is great on fruit, ice cream or just a spoon. In 2013, we created a new brand for the cajeta. The "and Friends" refers to our friends and goat mentors at Fairwoods Farm who help produce milk for this product.


Our cajeta comes in Original and Bourbon flavors.

blue heron farm and friends

goat milk yogurt

New for 2015!

We now make yogurt!  Our yogurt is a rich, creamy, spoonable variety. It only comes in plain and only in quarts. Trust us when we say, you need whole quarts.

farmstead cheeses

All of our cheeses are made right here on the farm. We use only milk from our own, pastured, pampered goats. We also use vegetarian rennet.


Chevre, which literally translates to "goat" in French, is the most basic, fresh goat cheese. It crumbles when cold, spreads at room temperature and melts beautifully, making it a super-versatile cheese that can be eaten as-is or used in cooking. We make six regular varieties.


Smooth, creamy chevre with just a little salt


Light herb and garlic with dill, green onion and more


Classic mix of onion, garlic, oregano and mint


Smoked jalapeno, cayenne, garlic and lots of herbs


Zesty mix of tomato, basil, garlic, red pepper and herbs


Studded with dried apricots, crystallized ginger and a hint of brown sugar


Feta is traditionally a sheep cheese, but that is not the only tradition we tweaked. Our feta is mild, creamy and not too salty. Basically, I made the cheese I wanted to eat. And it seems like I'm not the only one. This is, hands down, our most popular cheese.

where to buy

Urban Harvest Farmers Market

St John's (Westheimer/Buffalo) - Houston

Saturdays 8am-noon

Rice university farmers market

Rice Stadium Parking Lot - Houston

Tuesdays 330-630pm

Siphon coffee

701 W. Alabama - Houston

(Cajeta only)

cavo coffee

3773 Richmond Ave #1F

(Cajeta only)

Houston Dairymaids

2201 Airline Dr - Houston

(Cajeta only)

antonelli's cheese shop

4220 Duval St - Austin

(Always cajeta, sometimes chevre)